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Music is an integral part of our lives. When contemplating entertainment for your corporate event, it is vital to put your audience first. Music has to be a good fit with the attendees, not necessarily with senior management.  OXYGEN World Music Band brings to you live music conceptualized and blended with different genres ranging from Jazz to Rock, Pop, Indian Folk, Hindustani Classical, Western Classical, and more, and customized according to your requirements. We adapt the volume of the music to the different stages of your event: low background music so your guests can communicate during lunch or dinner, vs. louder tunes during the more informal parts of the event.


media and press articles

OXYGEN World Fusion Music Band have been featured in many newspapers, magazines, television channels, and radio. OXYGEN have also been featured in DISCOVERY CHANNEL (Tamil and English versions) for creating and running TERRACE JAMMING.

oxygen the hindu newspaper.jpg

Whiff of Oxygen

THEIR ATTIRE was symbolic of their music. Barring two, all members of the fusion band Oxygen, were dressed in kurta and jeans. With the youngest band member aged 15 and the oldest, 20, Oxygen had the audience at Vani Mahal spellbound for two hours with a performance that was shaped by a baffling mastery over diverse musical instruments and a maturity that belied their age.

Chennai Anthem Oxygen Music.jpg

A tribute to Chennai with an anthem

As Chennai celebrates its birthday, a city-based band brings out an anthem, a foot-tapping number that captures the heart of every chennaiite. How can there be any merrymaking without music? And with Chennai celebrating her birthday, an anthem to the city of margazhi and filter kaapi is the perfect ode to the city The metro is mushrooming with various bands that feel passionate about madras and music.

Light Music Group Chennai.jpg

An instrumental single this time from Oxygen

Music band Oxygen is not a stranger to the ears of Chennaiites. Excited about their upcoming music project that they call an ‘amalgamation of Indian music and future music’, founder of the band C Girinandh tells us what it is all about. “Our upcoming single TSO will be an instrumental version and we have done a music video, too. We have incorporated (VR) format as well as an ambisonic 3D (sound) format.