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Want Oxygen to perform at your function/event?

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Want Oxygen to perform at your function/event?

Leave a message for a call back from us.

Terrace Jamming

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    Terrace Jamming

    A perfect way to demonstrate your music skills without getting judged by others

Why Terrace Jamming

The idea of Terrace Jamming is to give musicians and other independent artists, from rookies to professionals, a free platform where they could jam live, network and create something new without being judged by parameters. Conceptualized and organized by OXYGEN Fusion Music Band, Terrace Jamming has seen more than 100 independent musicians, artists from theatre, painters and Silambam experts performing in its sessions. And why terrace? Terrace is a great place where each one of us would have gone at least once, and wondered about many things.

Different music artists performing in terrace

Corporate Jamming

Today, we see a lot of workshops and other HR initiatives in the corporate world to relieve their employees from their stressful lifestyle. Band OXYGEN extends a feasible solution by extending its Terrace Jamming concept to the corporate world. On a paid basis, we conduct our jamming sessions in Corporates with the employees of the host company making use of the talents in their organization.

Concert inside a hall

Features of Jamming sessions

• No restrictions in the number of participants.
• Music and other art lovers are welcome to join as audience.
• No musician will be judged and equal opportunity for all.
• Free entry.
• Musicians may play any instrument of their choice during the jam.
• Musicians have to bring their own instruments.

People enjoying terrace jamming

Want to join our Terrace Jamming Events?

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